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  • Are the magazines really free?

  • YES! Through our partnership with our affiliate providers, any eligible trial offers you complete will qualify for a FREE Magazine Subscription. Simply browse through our site, and when you decide upon a magazine, fill out your information, and proceed through the FREE Checkout button. You will then be redirected to our affiliation website where you can choose from a selection of offers. Complete just one of the offers and you will receive your FREE Magazine Subscription within 8-12 weeks. It's that simple! And yes, it really works!

  • How does this process work?

  • Once you choose a magazine, you will have the option to select from hundreds of available offers through our trialpay partner. The more "Offer Stars" a magazine has shown, the more offers will be available for you to select from. Simply complete 1 of them and that's it! Your magazine will then arrive free of charge. For further clarification on this see our How it Works page for a detailed image of the process.

  • What do these Offer Stars mean?

  • Simply put, the more "Offer Stars" shown, the more trial offers you will be presented with. So if a magazine has 5 stars, you will receive the highest amount of eligible trial offers you can choose from. So there will be plenty of FREE trial offers which you can browse through before selecting an offer. On the other hand, a magazine with only 1 star will show a limited amount of trial offers available for selection.

  • What are the trial offers?

  • The good news is because we do not even request payment information, you can simply choose a magazine from our site, enter your mailing information, and proceed to the free trial offers to see firsthand what is available to you. This is a quick and easy process, you have absolutely nothing to lose! So please feel free to check out the free trial offers for yourself. Once you find an offer you are interested in, sign up and complete the free offer, and your magazine subscription will come to you free of charge!

  • I'm ready to order but where do I enter my delivery information?

  • Once you choose a magazine you'll be directed to a page where you can enter your email address, name, and mailing address. We will then save this information so once you complete your trial offer successfully, the magazine subscription will be sent to the address you entered.

  • I noticed on a few places on your site there are images requesting me to enter specific words before proceeding...What is this?

  • Basically, online forms are a prime target for spammers. The spammers create programs and "bots" that will scour our website searching for forms to fill out and attempt to abuse our ordering system. This image validation, called a CAPTCHA, ensures that an ACTUAL HUMAN is filling out the contact form, and not a computer. It serves as a security measure, minimizing spam for our staff. If for some reason you cannot read the text within the image, simply hit the refresh button next to the image to be presented with a new list of words...or you can even hit the speaker icon to hear the words spoken to you. If you accidentally type the wrong words into the validation, it will present you with an error at which point you can simply try entering them again.

  • Why do the magazines take 8-12 weeks to begin?

  • These are industry standard waiting times. Weekly and Monthly magazines always takes 8-12 weeks to begin. For bi-monthly or quarterly magazines please allow about 4 weeks longer. Do not worry, every magazine processed through us will arrive. Just be patient :)

  • Do you automatically renew my subscription?

  • Absolutely not. We do not even ask for any payment information so therefore we have no way of auto-renewing or billing you. If you wish to renew or extend your subscription simply complete another Trialpay offer on our website.

  • What if I have a problem with my order?

  • If you are already receiving the magazine, you need to call the publisher directly. Most have toll free customer service telephone numbers, located in the beginning of the magazine. If you cannot locate that number, we will gladly give it to you. You may also visit the magazine publisher's website. If you are not receiving the magazine and need to make an inquiry about it, please contact Support. We do ask to please not have us check on the status of the magazine until after the 12th week has passed.

Editor And Publisher

Subscription: 12 issues
Cover Price: 79.00
Category: NoCategory
Offers: Free Editor And Publisher Magazine Subscription

Trailer Life

Subscription: 12 issues
Cover Price: 17.97
Category: Travel & Vacation
Offers: Free Trailer Life Magazine Subscription

American Woodworker

Subscription: 6 issues
Cover Price: 24.98
Category: Hobbies & Interests
Offers: Free American Woodworker Magazine Subscription

Chesapeake Bay Magazine

Subscription: 12 issues
Cover Price: 26.00
Category: NoCategory
Offers: Free Chesapeake Bay Magazine Magazine Subscription

Street Rodder

Subscription: 12 issues
Cover Price: 25.00
Category: Automotive & Cars
Offers: Free Street Rodder Magazine Subscription

Thomas And Friends

Subscription: 6 issues
Cover Price: 31.97
Category: Children & Kids
Offers: Free Thomas And Friends Magazine Subscription

Modified Mustangs And Fords

Subscription: 12 issues
Cover Price: 19.97
Category: Automotive & Cars
Offers: Free Modified Mustangs And Fords Magazine Subscription

Ad Week

Subscription: 44 issues
Cover Price: 99.00
Category: NoCategory
Offers: Free Ad Week Magazine Subscription

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